About Our Clinic

Dynamic Sport Physiotherapy was established in 2011, with the first clinic opening at Acacia Ridge. It has now expanded with the opening of its new clinic at South Brisbane. 

Over the years, Dynamic Sport Physiotherapy has been specialising in the the management and treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions ranging from complex chronic conditions to acute sporting injuries. We are firm believers of one therapist to one client consultations, to maximise and individualise our care to every client. We employ a very hands-on and multi-modal approach utilising a range of different techniques and various modalities in treatment.The therapists here are experienced in working with chronic disease management program (CDMP - care plan under medicare), third-party (CTP) claims, workcover (WC), and department of veteran's affairs (DVA).

The clinic also offers their own pilates, yoga, and hydrotherapy classes that are tailored to suit your needs. From beginners to advanced classes, it is designed to help improve flexibility and the strength and endurance of your muscles as part of the rehabilitation to help get you back moving better.